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Vermont Kitchen Remodeling

When considering a remodel project for your Vermont home, consider going “green”.   

  1. To cut down on your energy bill, installing the correct windows or utilizing skylights can make a big difference.  
  2. Using appliances with the Energy Star Seal is very important for energy conservation.  
  3. Plumbing fixtures should be low-flow. Low-flow fixtures will save you much water, possibly even using less hot water.
  4.  Ensure the correct amount of insulation used in your kitchen design is based primarily on your own climate.
  5. Use building materials that are made to last. Even though the materials could have an environmental appeal, they have to be able to face up to everyday use, such as countertops and flooring.
  6. Consider using a solar water hot water heater. One of the most important expenses for any home is hot water. Your kitchen uses an enormous quantity of hot water. There are a number of different types available. You'll only be paying for water that you actually use.
Going green can add up to huge savings for the planet and your wallet.   

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