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Vermont Garage Doors

A garage door is actually one of the most significant safety features you can do for your home or office and is more valuable than you might think. It's an important access point that some people take for granted. If you are going to spend money on this important part of your house make it great!

Replacing the garage door can not only enhance your home, but also brings plenty of other benefits.  Keep these benefits in mind when you consider buying a new garage door system.

The value of your home can be increased or decreased by your garage door. Installing a new garage door can not only improve the value of your house, but certainly help your house sell itself.  Often potential buyers won't even consider entering a place if the garage door isn't attractive from the curb.

If you're just looking to change the appearance of your home, a garage door can significantly change the look and style of your home. There are infinite choices of windows to choose from, that can give your garage lots of sunlight.

You can cut back your cooling and heating costs with an insulated garage door, often known as an R-16 garage door.  If the garage door shares common walls with the house,  winter cold or summer heat can pass through your garage walls into your home, particularly if there are living quarters above the garage or the garage is used for a work space.

Your garage door may be preventing you from improving your garage's space. Imagine if you could turn that area into a work shop, or an art studio. An insulated shop door between R-12 and R-18 will make your garage a more pleasant environment to work in.



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