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Vermont Custom Cabinets

Whether you are moving into a new space that you would like to make your own, or you want to update your present home to better suit your needs, cabinets are a great option. Elite Construction can design and install cabinets and storage spaces to suit your lifestyle and your personal tastes. Built-ins are also an inexpensive way to update and personalize your space.

Replacing existing cabinets with customized cabinets, you can give the whole room a new life. You will have a home that works for you. Elite Construction will do on-site consultations before we start work.  Our concern for detail guarantees that you will be able to enjoy a home that is both practical and eye-pleasing.

Built-In Shelves

Not only does built-in storage improve the functionality of your house, but it also adds distinct points of architectural interest. Customized bookshelves streamline the look of a room and give it a sense of polish and sophistication. This type of shelving also lets you utilize exactly the dimensions that you have rather than making an attempt to fit a chunk of furniture into a space that's not ideal. Shelving does not need to be exclusively for books!  Elite Construction can design and construct shelves to hold or show off any amount of materials, objects or collections.

By working with Elite Construction's team you get precisely the storage and display space that you want in your home. You don't have to make do with what you started with but can instead tailor your surroundings to reflect your style, tastes and wishes.  Custom Cabinets are a way to make your home your own.



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