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Five types of windows that are most commonly bought by homeowners:

Aluminum Replacement windows – these are better than vinyl or even wood. In addition, these are quite durable. This is why they are commonly used for commercial building and for basement windows.

Awning replacement windows
Choosing awning or double hung types of wood replacement windows are important to ventilation and easily opened and closed (no sliding or lifting)

Casement replacement windows
Classic: They are considered true American architecture and have great features as well as energy efficient. Tthey allow lots of light and wide views.

Double Hung replacement window
Traditional: They are energy efficient and quite durable.

Vinyl replacement windows
Modern: Many different color options.


Buildings that do not need replacement windows are usually (a) Brand-new buildngs/homes (hopefully those windows will be most updated and efficient), and (b) Historic buildings/homes that are well-maintained (legal or aesthetic reasons for not replacing)

For new structures, a builder to cut upfront costs by scrimping on efficient windows is a poor choice. The value of windows greatly surpasses their price tag. Unless, of course, they've been bought at a bargain-basement window outlet. You get, most often, what you pay for!

Several Reasons Why Good Windows are not cheap:

They are costly to make as well as the time and cost to replace old windows for new. A new window today can be very complex. In order for proper insulation, good windows are highly engineered. Many have an ease-of-use feature (i.e., ability to slant in or out to enable cleaning). Many have an extra insulation value by being double-pained, with an inert gas between the two 'slices' to.

There are advantages for replacement windows either being factory produced or assembled on-site: It is cost-effective for mass-production of factory-made windows. On the other hand, choosing to customize a single-paned size, shape or configuration is appealing to many building/home owners even though that tends to be at a higher cost.

The advantage to a window sales consultant is having the opportunity for your needs to assessed, review options, help with suggestions or work out financing plans.

Since buying windows is a major investment, it's important to consider all options. Long-term value, aesthetics, your own satisifaction along with the energy-cost savings from new windows are all things to keep in mind. Potential homeowners really do appreciate seeing new windows in place - unless they're considering that historic house.


There isn’t one company who makes the best replacement windows considering it is a subjective statement. Every company is best at something and not on some.

Lit of Top Window Companies that have been mentioned by a number of people in a survey:

1. Hurd: Very efficient glass

2. Marvin: They’ve been around for awhile and are just plain good at what they do. They can do sash replacements that look like original windows as well as great energy efficient windows.

3. Andersen: they can make real clear coated glass

4. Pellas: They mostly do wood (they make a vinyl line that is very nice).


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