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Elite Construction is a Vermont family owned company specializing in Home Remodeling, Renovations, Energy Efficient Window Replacement, repairs, maintenance and restoration since 1996 with a family history dating back four generations.  We care about each one of our customers by going the extra mile and take great pride and satisfaction from doing it the best way possible. You can be sure you are getting the best for your investment.

Let us show you how easy it is to make your home the best it can be.


One thing that is very important to a home or building are windows. They provide light and air to come in, as well as providing protection and security. You can also change the appearance drastically (or not) by replacing windows. Replacement windows add value and improve the standards of living at the property to any home or building.

There are many styles and selections to choose from: casement windows, vinyl replacement windows and storm windows, for example. There is a perfect fit to any room in your home or house. It’s a fun process!

Replacement windows can improve your Vermont home.

You may want to replace old styled wood framed windows. Hurricane windows will take on any challenge that may come their way. Storm windows for a home that is in a bad weather area is a good idea that adds smart protection. Since every Vermont home has their own style, there are many options to fit that charm.

Complimenting your windows with the right hardware. Choosing the right hardware (adding beauty to complement your room surroundings) and locks (the right protection) for your windows makes a difference. Adding value and beauty to your home can be done simply by replacing your windows at an affordable price.

The Increased Energy Savings of Quality Replacement Windows

Low-E (low-emittance) coating is a clear material which uses a silver base. It is applied to the glass in the manufacturing of the window in order to cut the transmission of ultra-violet rays.

Most replacement windows should include Low-E treatment. Without Low-E coating, heating and air conditioning systems in a home may require early replacement. Given the rising energy costs, the cost of a new set of windows would equal the cost of improperly insulated windows adding to the maintenance of this home over the next 10 to 12.

Tints or films: Earlier methods attempting to reduce UV light included the attachment of a darker film to the glass. This is a process similar to what you see occasionally in automobile glass windows.

The decision to replace outmoded windows with those which include the proper insular value lead to greater comfort for the owners. Window temperatures tend to be more moderate and hot sunlight is reduced.

Vermont Replacement Window Companies And Tax Credit in 2009

The tax credit benefit of installing energy efficient windows was tripled to 30% of the cost of an energy-efficient window.

When choosing the replacement windows for your home, replacement window installers usually play a significant role in helping homeowners. The contractor/window company should go through specific conditions that qualify a window as energy efficient. This includes the new energy-start certification, the U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), NFRC Rating and more. NFRC stands for National Fenestration Rating Council. Windows without the NFRC sticker may indicate it is not energy efficient.

Cash in on the tax credit benefit in 2009.


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